About Us

What We Do

Our expertise comes in when everything else fails

    In the field of construction New Poona Concrete System is multi purpose, professionally managed company. The company provide various services in construction field like Waterproofing, Construction various Chemicals, Epoxy Flooring / Coatings and more

We can waterproof all types of RCC (Reinforced Cement & Concrete) construction structures, including terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leaked lines, sidewalls, balconies, WCs, bathrooms & kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools, and Basements. 

     We specialize in solving every kind of leakage challenge, with highly efective products and
end-to-end after-sales support.

     We reach out to a wide client base, from individuals and factories to contractors and
organizations. Having been in the business for many years, we leverage rich experience and
proven expertise to provide our clients leak-proof structures that deliver sustainable &
remarkable results.

      Our research and development team constantly innovates revolutionary processes and
products, which ensure you, may never have to face a rainy day in any weather! The
accreditations and certificates received by us from various NGOs stand as testimony to our

Why Us

  • No strings Attached
  • Assured & Reliable Services
  • Professionally Trained, Expert & Experienced Team
  •  Fast and Satisfied Service
  •  Accurate Report
  • 100% Satisfactory Results
  • True value of Time
  •  Qualified Applicators
  •  Friendly Approach
  •  Easy to Accessable
  •  Affordable Price
  •  Located in prime Area
  • Multi Purpose Company
  •  Professionally Managed Company
  • Excellent Waterproofing Services
  • Customized solutions
  • Most distinctive range of solutions

Our services

We provide the work contract services along with ultra-specific performance oriented
consultancy to drive the results of projected scoped work.

     Prompt after-sales support in case of any issues, within 48 hours of registering the
complaint. In addition, we also ofer ‘n’ number of free after-sales services. It is a
matter of pride to us that our solutions have never mandated more than two-three
after-sales services.
We also provide solution based services and consultancy services.


We have developed the ultimate solution in waterproofing technology, Special Technology. This
technology enables us to identify the sources of water leakage, and resolve it without any
alterations or any breakage to your structures.
Special Technology is the only technology that ensures NO BREAKAGE and brings solution to any
type of INTERNAL WATERPROOFING issues within 6 hours!
Our technology equips us to undertake highly challenging jobs, and deliver exceptional

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals who leave no stone unturned to deliver
unmatched services & desired results in best of the time. Our employees are well-qualified
with extensive experience in the domain, and are trained for challenging practical assignments.


 At our company, all the professionals are recruited on the grounds of technical knowledge, educational qualification and years of industry experience. Well-trained, skilled and highly qualified, our experts work in complete co-ordination with each other to accomplish the organizational objectives. Our team is one of the strongest reasons of our achievements and success in the business. We conduct several training sessions and seminars to enhance the skills of our team. 

Our team comprises of:

  • Procuring agents
  • Quality controllers
  • Service engineers
  • Warehouse and packaging professionals
  • Administrative staff members
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Skilled and semi-skilled labor